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Philomena Margaret McCormack

... pathway of leadership and management as a charge nurse manager. I feel that the DHB has provided me with some excellent resources to help support my transition into a management role from mentorship, workshops and programmes.

I am inspired to see how my staff and colleagues work well together as a team. I am a valued team member of the Cardiology, Critical Care, Cath Lab, and Cardiothoracic and Vascular cluster. Having made some great relationships and connections enables us all to strive for...

Business visitors

... visitor sign in/sign out book is usually located at the front desk) 

For security and safety reasons, we ask that you comply with our policy. Failure to do so may result in you being requested to leave or escorted off our property by security or by staff members who are authorised by the chief executive.

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Work with us

... only centre in New Zealand to deliver Total Body Electron (TBE/TSET) treatments.

Radiation therapists at Waikato are given ample opportunities to grow professionally. We offer a range of development roles such as planning and brachytherapy which allow staff to gain experience and develop their skills. Radiation therapists rotate through CT, planning and treatment every few months, with additional opportunities to rotate through the BIMS team (Brachytherapy, Iodine, Mould room, Superficial) our...

Midland Region Community HealthPathways

... Community HealthPathways please contact your Waikato DHB local coordinator via email at for a username and password or information on how to access directly via your clinical system or the Waikato DHB intranet (for DHB staff only).

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Professional Development and Recognition Programme (PDRP)

... PDRP, however portfolios are considered an essential tool in demonstrating professional accomplishments and documenting professional growth, and a pathway for future career growth and development.

For Waikato DHB employed nurses
Please refer to the staff intranet or the PDU for further information.
For nurses employed by other health providersTui Medical Declaration form - for use by Tui Medical employees only

Definitions of practice levels

RN levels of practice
EN levels of practice

Key support person

... key support person will be welcomed, but not obliged, to be present with the patient to:

participate in clinical conversations and family meetings
participate in clinical handovers
help with basic/essential care needs (in agreement with appropriate staff)
support the patient with decision making
help with the transition of care to the patient’s home.
Key support people can visit from 8am to 8pm or even longer at the discretion of the nurse in charge of a ward. For example, the key support pers...

Join Radiology


Waikato DHB Radiology is growing our service to meet growing demand and is focused on creating a positive culture and great work environment for all our staff.

We have well established links into all specialties and sub-specialties, and clinical teams across the Waikato District Health Board including providing imaging support for a Level 1 Major Trauma Centre. We are looking to grow the team with particular interest in sub-specialities including paediatrics, neuro, nuclear medicine dual tra...

Waikato Hospital Arts Committee

Waikato District Health Board staff are passionate about the role art plays in health care environments.

Over the years Waikato DHB has built up an extensive art collection from numerous artists in each of its hospitals through donation or purchase.

Well selected and appropriately placed artwork has a positive impact on wellness and wellbeing. Decorating hospitals with specific types of artwork can speed up a patient's healing process, shorten hospital stays and help manage pain.

The Art...

Intellectual Disability Clinic (ID Clinic)

... person needs to live independently), such as communication, self-care, safety and getting along in social situations and school activities.
There are two main reasons to assess for ID:

To help understand the child and to help family, friends and teaching staff have realistic expectations of them.
To establish eligibility to health funded disability services.
ID assessments are carried out by one or two psychologists who gather information about the child’s development, academic pro...

Support services

... functioning and ability to carry out day-to-day activities. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists can help with expert advice and exercises to help you regain your mobility, or assist with specialised aids to help you better manage.

Smoking cessationStaff at Waikato hospital support people wanting to quit smoking. Our smoking cessation programme includes free nicotine replacement therapy.

Social Workers/ Psycho-Social Support ServicesSocial workers and Psycho-social supports services a...