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January - Information for people who have had COVID-19 infections, COVID-19 Testing, vaccinations, alcohol update and looking after mental health
February - Topics include cyanobacteria, COVID-19 guidance for critical healthcare workers, and vaccine resources in Asian languages.
March - Topics include COVID-19 Update, ordering RAT Kits, The Impact of Climate Change on Māori, Pacific Specific Resources on ‘Preparedness and Planning’, Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Report, Child Poverty Ac...

Specialist Eating Disorders (SEDS)

... service is for tangata whaiora with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and eating disorders – Not Otherwise Specified (ED-NOS with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa sub-types).

Our team of specialist clinicians includes psychologists, a psychiatrist, mental health nurses and a dietitian.

We offer a range of services including

treatment (individual, group and whaanau),
consultation / shared care with community and inpatient teams (medical and psychiatric) 
for tangata whaiora of...

Kat Wakefield

Kat Wakefield
New Graduate Mental Health Nurse - Older Persons and Rehabilitation

I’m Kat, a new graduate nurse working in OPR1 the Acute Mental Health Unit for Older Persons. I choose mental health and addiction as my specialty because nurses working in this area have to be able talk to people and build therapeutic relationships; we’re communicators. I also really like that my day is not task orientated, but people focused.

The thing I love most about my job is getting to know each person’s s...

Occupational Therapy

... occupational therapy teams in hospital and community based settings for a wide range of Waikato District Health Board services.

Key personnelDebbie Gibson
Manager, Occupational Therapy Rural and Community

Diane Mechan
Occupational Therapy Clinical Leader, Mental Health & Addictions

Megan Cryer
Manager, Occupational Therapy Acute & Older Persons and Rehabilitation

Róisín McNamee
Occupational Therapy Clinical Leader, Mental Health & Addictions

Veronica Eichmann
Manager, Hands a...

Ahikāroa – Community Housing Support Service

... provides support to transition into more independent housing or access different levels of residential support, if required.

Who can access the Ahikāroa service?The tangata whaiora must be 18 years or older and receiving clinical services from Waikato DHB Mental Health & Addictions Service or Hauora Waikato Maori Mental Health Services 

Referrals to the service are made by the tangata whaiora keyworker.  Please contact your mental health keyworker for more information.


What we do

... it all. From geriatric care to premature babies, from home visits by district nurses to complex trauma surgery, from renal dialysis to managing pandemic responses, from advanced cancer treatments to community dental clinics, from health screening to mental health and addiction services.

We also fund lots of other organisations to provide health services in our community.

We plan, budget, manage, support, code, file, train and educate.

We have been providing healthcare in the region for more...