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Women with experience of mental illness

Women who have experience of mental illness, have had mental illness during or following a previous pregnancy, or who are currently managing mental illness, have a higher chance than other women of developing mental illness during or following pregnancy.  

What you need to do if you’re thinking about getting pregnantIf possible, it is best to plan pregnancies and speak with your GP, psychiatrist, mental health nurse or other health professional helping with your care before you get pregnant. So…


Entry criteriaReferrals to the service are from three main areas:

Justice system (courts) – For people alleged to have offended and who are thought to have a mental illness and the court require a psychiatric report to assist them in determining sentencing issues, etc.
Corrections services (prison, community probation) – for individuals in prison, either on remand or sentenced, requiring assessment and/or treatment. Also for individuals leaving the prison and transitioning back to their home ar…

Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal Mental Health“Mothers and babies exist as a unit – one cannot be considered without the other.”

We take a holistic approach, working with both expectant mums and those with infants in their first year of life, together with their partners, whaanau, and services and health providers involved in their care.

Perinatal Mental Health is a team of experienced, specialised health professionals skilled in helping mothers with mental health conditions related to having a baby. Our team offers…

Our approach

Although assessment of mental disorder particularly in relation to a person’s offending is one of the primary services for the Midland Regional Forensic Psychiatric Service, treatment and rehabilitation are also equally significant components, i.e. a person may have offended and this is found to have been as a result of their mental illness, or mental illness coupled with problem behaviours that may result in serious offending.

It is then the goal of our services to successfully treat the perso…


… friends with client’s consent
Primary health providers - general practitioners (GPs), Plunket nurses, midwives
Secondary health providers - obstetricians, ante/post-natal services, Mothercraft and New Born Unit
All referrals to the Waikato DHB Perinatal Mental Health Service will be triaged by the Adult Mental Health Triage team who will make contact with the client to complete a telephone triage assessment.

Once accepted into the service, the referral will be sent to the Perinatal Mental Heal…