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Ongoing employment with Waikato DHB

On-going employment with Waikato DHB is subject to graduates meeting all the requirements of the programme and the availability of vacancies at the time of completing the NETP/NESP programmes.

We have a facilitated approach to graduate recruitment into vacancies in the second year of practice.

Graduates employed by community providers are subject to the terms of their employer agreement and their employment contract with that provider.

Employment and education


Ph 07 857 1201

Progress to Health
Ph 07 829 4822

Job Quest
Ph 07 838 0199

Support for employees with mental health conditions
Ministry of Social Development
Ph 0800 805 405

CV Services

Waihi Community Resource Centre
Ph 07 863 7555

Employment and education

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How will you let me know if my application is successful?

All 20 DHBs in New Zealand have committed to continuing the ACE system (Advanced Choice of Employment) for the recruitment and placement of Year 1 house officers for the coming years.

All offers and acceptances of employment will follow standard Waikato DHB recruitment processes. We’ll send you a letter offering you a position. If you want information quickly, we will also send you an email. Your acceptance, however, must be in writing and be received by the stated date (in your job...

If I apply to Waikato, what employment opportunities can you offer my partner?

... married, please remember to let us know if you and your partner have different surnames. We’ll try to accommodate you if there are suitable vacancies.

If your partner is a member of another professional group or occupation, there may be other employment opportunities in the DHB or at other academic, research institutions or businesses in Hamilton. We are happy to point you in the right direction.

Work opportunities

We work to provide these opportunities via employment contracts in;

Just Work Car Valeting; Just Work Lawn Care; Just Work Cleaning Services.

Commercial/Residential cleaning services are provided in Ngaruawahia, Cambridge and Hamilton.  These can be offered via Residential Care Services individual packages of care.  In addition we provide cleaning contracts to community organisations such as community halls etc.

Individuals with high and complex needs conti...

Breastfeeding at work

... knowing that getting back to work can change established feeding and sleep patterns - it is important to be patient and to ask for help from knowledgeable friends and family until patterns are re-established.
Breastfeeding at work is protected by employment legislation (Employment Relations Act 2000). By law, as far as reasonable, employers are required to

give you unpaid breaks to breastfeed your baby or express milk at work.
provide you facilities to do this.

What’s the team structure and responsibilities, including emergency cover?

... purely in teams so that the team of the consultant works when that consultant works; on other occasions, there has to be ‘x’ number of house officers on with a registrar; or only house officers (not Year 1 house officers in the first six months of their employment) working nights; or registrars on advanced training schemes may be required to only work two sets of nights in a one year period.

It varies according to the team, department and clinical requirements.