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Occupational Therapy

... Hospital, Mental Health and Addictions (inpatient and community bases)
Rural and Community (at district hospitals and community bases)
Waikids (child and youth health services)
Older Persons and Rehabilitation inpatient services and START teams.
ContactPhone 07 839 8899 for all hospital departments and services


Moving to a new location and starting a new job can be very daunting – where do you start in your search for accommodation, schooling for your children, searching for a job for your partner plus finding answers to all those other questions you have when setting up house.

At sign on we give RMOs commencing employment at the Waikato DHB a copy of the Hamilton City Map +Index and for those new to New Zealand we give them a copy of Hamilton City Council's Hamilton New Settlers Guid...

Preparing for hospital

Read the booking letter and any instructions carefully. You will need to bring the letter with you, so keep it in a safe place.

Start thinking about how you will get to and from the hospital, what support you might need, and who needs to know.

If you smoke, consider giving it up before your hospital stay as this will help your recovery. All our facilities and campuses are smokefree, but we offer nicotine therapy support for patients.
If you have any questions, co...

Formula feeding your baby

... too weak, meaning your baby could get too much salt (which can be harmful to their kidneys) or not enough food to grow well.

Formula is all your baby needs until they are around six months old. At around six months your baby will probably start eating some solid foods but will continue to need formula until 12 months of age.

It is not safe to use ordinary cow’s milk for babies under one year as their main food or drink.

Visit the Ministry of Health websi...

Pregnancy and maternity

... women and new mums
Information about Waikato pregnancy and maternity services that are available to you during the current COVID alert level.

Planning for your pregnancy
Important things you can do to help give your baby the best start in life.

Just found out you're pregnant?
What to do at the start of your pregnancy, including finding a midwife and early pregnancy care.

Having a healthy pregnancy
How to stay healthy during pre...

Prior to treatment

... Oncologist.

Head and/or neck treatment
Many people having treatment to this area  require an  immobilisation mask to help keep them still.  

After simulationThere is a gap between your simulation appointment and treatment start date.

This time (the planning phase) is used to produce a treatment plan specifically for you. The planning phase is usually between two and four weeks, depending on complexity and cancer type. For some, the gap may be much sh...

Prevocational training

... conditions.
Supports the development of an e-portfolio of clinical and professional development.
PGY2/Senior house doctors teaching programme

A comprehensive, generalist teaching programme designed to develop the new doctor to be ready to start work as a trainee in a chosen field.
Self-directed learning.
Protected Formal Education Course (FEC) teaching time – 3-4 hours of protected time each week to attend teaching sessions (Wednesday 1.30pm – 2.30pm) or ski...

Iron and pregnancy

... much iron do you need?Pregnant women need one and a half times as much iron as a non-pregnant woman, and four times as much iron as a man!

How to increase your iron levelsIt can be hard to get enough iron from your diet, especially if you start pregnancy without a reserve or stockpile of iron in your body.

If your iron levels are low, your midwife will probably prescribe iron tablets because it’s almost impossible to eat enough iron rich food to boost your iron level...

Women who are taking anti-epileptic medicines for epilepsy, mood or pain

While you are thinking about starting a family it is very important to keep taking your medicines to manage your condition (particularly if you have epilepsy) and continue using contraception until you have talked to your doctor.

Stopping your medication without talking to your doctor can cause serious risk of harm to yourself and your baby if you are pregnant.
If you get pregnant before having a plan in place for your medication you could cause problems for your baby. Some of...