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START (Supported Transfer Accelerated Rehabilitation Team)

… Transfer and Accelerated Rehabilitation Team (START)Supported Transfer and Accelerated Rehabilitation Team (START) is part of the Waikato DHB's Older Persons, Rehabilitation and Allied Health service. START is the Waikato DHB service that supports patients to make a safe and quicker transition from hospital to home. It provides the intensive support and rehabilitation some patients need, but in their home rather than through a longer stay in hospital.  It provides intensive rehabilitation…

Why did the service end?

While HealthTap itself was a useful service and many of our patients who used it were very positive about the experience, we didn’t engage our clinicians effectively in how best to use the product in their area, and there were technical teething troubles early on. Not enough people signed up to the service and used it. Our contract with HealthTap came to an end in May and the Board felt the $7.2m cost to renew for another year, could not be justified.

Nuclear medicine


GE 670 Pro Discovery
GE Infinia Hawkeye VC
GE 530 Discovery

Approximately 4000 procedures per year

Wide range of examination types, the most common procedures include: Bone, Thyroid, Neuroendocrine/Tumour imaging, Renal studies, Brain, and Breast and Melanoma Sentinel node localisation examinations

Staffing (Number of, F/T, P/T, 50:50)

1 x Fulltime
5 x Part time (Varied hours)
0.5 FTE Nurse

Can I exercise or go to work?

Many people find that keeping active while having radiation treatment helps to reduce fatigue. Listen to your body; if you feel like a rest, try and make some time to do so. For most patients as long as you feel well and able, there is no reason why you can't go to work. If you have concerns about driving or operating machinery, talk to your radiation therapy team.

For more information visit: Being active when you have cancer

Cardiology Clinical Trials Unit

… research

Heart attacks.
Heart failure.
Heart valve disease.
Heart rhythm disorders.
Continuing evaluation of current treatments (Data Collection Registries).
Our Cardiology Department has been involved in clinical research for almost 50 years. Cardiology patients in Waikato Hospital participated in more than 140 international multi-centre trials, which have led to the evidence-based treatments that are used today.

Liz Low

Phone: 07 839 7136

Follow up guidelines

After surgery, patients are discussed at a pathology MDM where the pathology is discussed and the slides are reviewed.  In some instances, adjuvant chemotherapy is recommended and a letter will go to the referrer to request a review from oncology at the referring institution. 

Surveillance guidelines are otherwise 4 monthly CEA, CA19-9 and CA125, except for colorectal cancer where CEA alone is tested.  CT scans are suggested at 1, 2, 3 and 5 years.  Recurrences may be suitable for repeat surger…

Mental Health referrals

Summary of where to refer to. For details about eligibility and referral criteria of individual services please go to that service's listing.


Crisis Assessment & Home Treatment Service
Available 24/7
Phone: 0800 50 50 50
Fax: 0800 500 105


Our team

… Hospital Trauma Director and surgeon.  Our Trauma Nurse Specialists will be key contacts for you and your family as you recover.  They are assisted by specialist surgeons and support staff.

Our work is guided by our beliefs and commitments to our values:

Patients first: The needs of the patient and family guide our actions
Communication: Open, honest, helpful
Collaboration: Together we achieve more
Excellence: Quality care and information
Forward looking: Integrity, diversity, creativity.

Older Persons, Rehabilitation and Allied Health

… people 65 years plus or those close in age, interests and characteristics.
Orthopaedic rehabilitation for people with significant fractures
Intensive rehabilitation for people 16 years plus who meet set criteria.
Combined Stroke Service
Acute care for patients with stroke and those stroke patients requiring assessment, treatment and rehabilitation
Geriatrician specialist assessment and treatment for patients referred by a hospital doctor or general practitioner.
Specialist-led clinics that tak…

Specialist Nursing Roles within Cardiology

… secondary prevention nurses, the cardiology service is supported by a number of Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) - from the Cardiology Patient Flow CNS (who plays an integral part in managing patient flow with an aim to provide equity for cardiology patients across the Midland Region) to Electrophysiology to Cardiac Inherited Diseases to Structural Heart Disease. Each play a key role in the day-to-day functioning of the service and care of both inpatients and outpatients in the Waikato and grea…