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Is my doctor on SmartHealth?

We are working to sign up Waikato Hospital specialists and different services will be coming on board progressively. We are talking to GPs about opportunities this service can offer their patients too. Usual charges will apply for people receiving services from general practices through SmartHealth.


… (GPs) or other health specialists.

Referrals must come through the Community Regional Referral Centre.

Community Regional Referral Centre

Fax: 07 858 1071 

Any queries can be directed to 

Please note: Referrals for patients with diabetes should be sent to the Regional Diabetes Service.


Te Whare Taurima
Short term, low cost accommodation for people who are supporting seriously ill patients at the hospital.
Managed under a Māori Kaupapa philosophy but open to all ethnic groups.
Priority to families living more than 100km from hospital
07 839 8849

8.30am to 3.30pm 


… indication, but would typically include tumour markers (CEA, CA19-9, CA125), diagnostic laparoscopy with biopsy (or image guided core biopsy) and assessment of PCI (attached to article below), full staging CT scan and colonoscopy.  A PET scan is essential for patients with colorectal cancer.