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Waikato Regional Diabetes Service

… Primary Health Care Organisation (PHO) Diabetes Nurse/Clinician.

The Waikato Regional Diabetes Service are also actively involved in research to improve the care of people with diabetes.

For more information about diabetes please see Information for patients tab.

Service profile
Youth and Young Adult with diabetes (YAYA)
Diabetes in Pregnancy (DiP)
Inpatient hospital care team
Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease
Pump and Technology Team
Adult Regional Team (ART)
Adult Weight Management Progr…

Diabetes clinic during COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, we have changed how Waikato DHB's diabetes service and clinics are run. We are limiting face-to-face contact in our diabetes outpatient clinics to ensure you and your whānau, our staff and other patients are safe while you are being cared for.

Women with Gestation Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

A routine blood test in early pregnancy may indicate you need further screening for gestation diabetes mellitus (GDM). This will take place between 24 and 28 weeks' pregnancy…


ObstetricsObstetrics deals with issues that arise in maternity care, treating any complications of pregnancy and childbirth and any that arise after the birth. Waikato Hospital provides maternity and obstetric facilities and specialist care for local and regional patients requiring elective (planned) or emergency treatments.

Outpatient Antenatal ClinicProvides outpatient care for women to have planned appointments with the medical team to assess and monitor their pregnancy. The clinic comprises…

Sexual Health

… aim is to make it easier for you to get help.

We provide care around STIs, HIV and a range of other sexual health issues as well as gender-affirming care. We have close links with Waikato Hospital’s infectious disease team around the management of HIV patients. We also have a strong focus on support and education of other health-care providers. This means we sometimes have doctors or nurses attending our clinic for training. We will always ask your permission before allowing them to sit in on…

Emergency response plans

… situations or crises. These can include:

acute clinical episodes, such as a cardiac arrest
environmental hazards, such as a hazardous substance spill
breaches of security
bomb threats
utility failure
industrial action
an unexpected influx of acutely ill patients (such as a multi-casualty incident or public health emergency).
Depending on the event, this type of incident can have a major impact on one part of the hospital/s (leaving other areas unaffected), or it can affect the whole organ…

First year house officers and NZREX doctors

… summonsed from the meeting to deal with this.

Every Tuesday afternoon, there is a variety of clinical topics presented by senior doctors who are all experts in their fields.

Topics are wide-ranging with an emphasis on a practical approach to caring for patients.


To ensure all first year house officers are well prepared to carry out a variety of procedures at Waikato Hospital, they must attend a four-day orientation course before starting work at the hospital (in November of eac…

Labour and birth care at Waikato Hospital during COVID-19

… a very important time for you and your whānau and you may be apprehensive about giving birth at this time. We are working very hard to ensure the delivery suite environment is safe for you, your baby and support person as well as our staff and other patients. To do this, we have made some changes to how things work in the delivery suite and the ward environment.

If the number of COVID-19 positive women increased significantly, there may be changes required to keep everyone safe. These changes…

Update - 28 October 2021

… several New Zealand and international incident response specialists to ensure we retained integrity across Waikato DHB’s digital environment.

However, the incident response process took time as Waikato DHB is a complex organisation serving over 400,000 patients, providing specialist tertiary hospital services and operating several supporting secondary hospitals and facilities.

For example, Waikato DHB maintains a considerable number of servers, thousands of end point devices and uses a signif…