The role of health professionals in smokefree initiatives

Smokefree Aotearoa 2025Stopping smoking confers immediate health benefits on those who already have smoking related diseases and future benefits on all smokers.
Helping people who smoke stop is one of six Ministry of Health national health targets(external link) - Better help for smokers to quit . 
All health care workers, regardless of their location, specialty or seniority, have a duty of care to help people who want to stop smoking. 

Routine use of nicotine replacement therapy in acute care for management of tobacco withdrawal is expected as good clinical practice.

Hospital or primary health care environment is an ideal opportunity to offer advice and help.

Helping patients who smoke and preventing withdrawal symptoms

Smoking affects the health and recovery of people who smoke and might very well be the reason they are in hospital or coming to a medical centre.

It’s as simple as ABC!

All you have to do is:

  • ask every patient about smoking status
  • give brief advice about benefits of quitting and chart nicotine replacement
  • offer referral to cessation support

Document you’ve done all three on the patient notes. Easy!

If patients want cessation support at home after discharge fax a referral to (07) 839 8770.

Smoking cessation services available to all people who smoke:

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