Staff – do you want help to give up smoking?

Giving up smoking usually brings on withdrawal symptoms. It is these symptoms that lead to relapse. However most symptoms last no longer than two to four weeks. Therefore, assistance through the first four weeks is important.

Here's how we can help!

Nicotine replacement therapy acts by providing a ‘clean’ source of nicotine which is sufficient to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

It is recommended you use nicotine replacement therapy for at least eight weeks and as much as you need.

Three products - patches, lozenges and gum are now free for all Waikato DHB staff.

Here's how to get them free!

Contact Health and Safety ext 98608 for a quit card and voucher.

Take these with your staff ID to your chemist and you will receive free patches, lozenges and gum for two months (more is available if needed).

Or phone Quitline on 0800 778 778. Quitline staff will help you with motivation and nicotine replacement.

For free Aukati kai Paipa Maori and Pacific Island focused cessation services call 0800 kick the habit or 0800 542 584.

Getting help and advice from someone especially trained in smoking cessation will double your chances of success - good luck!