Emergency Management

Emergency Management

At times Waikato District Health Board staff have to manage emergency situations or crises.

These can include:

  • acute clinical episodes, such as a cardiac arrest
  • fire
  • environmental hazards, such as a hazardous substance spill
  • breaches of security
  • bomb threats
  • utility failure
  • industrial action
  • an unexpected influx of acutely ill patients (such as a multi-casualty incident or public health emergency).

Depending on the event, this type of incident can have a major impact on one part of the hospital/s (leaving other areas unaffected), or it can affect the whole organisation.

Emergency plans

Currently there are documented emergency response and recovery plans for each clinical and non-clinical service based at the Waiora Waikato Hospital campus, plus one over-arching Waikato Hospital plan.

Each of these plans includes:

  • how the plan is activated
  • critical dependencies
  • critical equipment
  • key functions
  • an alternative location
  • duty cards for key people
  • resources and supplies required for relocation
  • appendices which should include contact staff list and key service contacts.

Waikato DHB Health Emergency Plan

Useful provider emergency plan templates

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