Water Carriers (tankered water)

Water tanks often need to be topped up by a tanker.  Water carriers collect water from an external source and deliver it in a tanker to a consumer’s drinking-water storage system.

All water carriers who provide drinking water to customers must be registered on the Ministry of Health’s Register of Community Drinking-water Supplies and Suppliers. To ensure that your drinking water is provided safely, only use a registered water carrier.  Please check the Ministry of Health register http://www.drinkingwater.esr.cri.nz/carriers/carriersfornzregion.asp?NZRegion=NZN003(external link) for registered water carriers in your area or contact Population Health on 07 8382569 or email health.protection@waikatodhb.health.nz.    

Water carriers are required to register every year.  Please note that the Ministry of Health register includes water carriers that have previously been registered, but whose registration may have lapsed.  Therefore, when viewing the register, you need to click on the name of a water carrier to check that the date “last registered” was less than one year ago from the current date. 

A current registered tanker must provide a delivery docket with details of the source from which the water was taken, the class of water delivered and, where applicable, the grading of the treatment plant and distribution system (including the meaning of the grading). Definitions of classes of water can be found in the safe carriage and delivery drinking water guidelines: http://www.health.govt.nz/publication/guidelines-safe-carriage-and-delivery-drinking-water

The source and class of water may require you to boil all water before consumption. It is the responsibility of the registered water carrier to inform consumers of this.  Where necessary, water needs to be boiled for one minute or until the cut out switch in an electric kettle activates.