NETP/NESP Education programmes

All first year registered nurses attend NETP/NESP education sessions during the programme alongside clinically based learning in their placements.

NETP education

The NETP education includes one module – ‘Clinical Practice Development’ provided on campus by the University of Auckland – plus additional learning focussed on professional responsibilities, inter-professional communication and teamwork, and planning for professional development. Those graduates working in child health areas complete a child health assessment module (see below). 

The education occurs across the first year and is held on the Waikato hospital campus. Graduates based outside Hamilton will travel to Waikato hospital campus for all the education days. The university module is focussed on assessment and clinical decision-making. You will also receive considerable learning in your clinical placement areas.

Children and young persons' health stream

Waikato DHB provides a dedicated stream for those graduates working in child and young persons’ clinical areas in both the tertiary and primary health care sector. The postgraduate module is focussed on child health assessment and clinical reasoning where graduates are introduced to the broad context of child and young persons’ health. This is offered by the University of Auckland on Waikato hospital campus. Graduates undertake all programme components as part of the wider NETP group but will undertake the postgraduate module learning as a separate stream. You will be supported clinically by the paediatric, NICU and community nurse educator team. Graduates from other DHBs in the region may also join this stream for their postgraduate education.

NESP programme

Graduates in the NESP programme will complete two modules provided on campus by the University of Auckland. This will complete a postgraduate certificate in addition to other clinically based learning undertaken over the programme. You will be in one placement for the programme.

Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP)

All graduates are required to submit a portfolio before the completion of their programme to demonstrate competent level practice.