Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a job at Waikato District health Board?

You apply on the ACE website in accordance with the protocols and procedures required by the ACE system Contact ACE helpline if you require assistance with your application. New graduates in their first year of practice may only begin employment at Waikato DHB in a NETP or NESP programme. 

Who should I ask to provide references?

You should ask a preceptor or senior nurse you have worked with, preferably in your final transition placement but could also be semester 5 if you have not yet commenced transition, to provide you with a reference. If asked to an interview, you will need to bring the name and contact details of your transition preceptor to enable a telephone reference check. It pays to check that your referees are happy to act in this capacity for you - and will say positive things - before sending them referee forms to complete. You should provide their mobile phone contact details for verbal referee checks. A designated clinician will consider your CV and suitability for the position.

Will I have to attend an interview?

Waikato DHB does hold interviews for the NETP programme. You are interviewed for the NETP programme rather than for a particular placement by either a charge nurse manager or a nurse educator, and HR personnel.

How will you let me know if my application is successful?

All DHBs in New Zealand use the ACE system (Advanced Choice of Employment) for the recruitment and placement of first year registered nurses. All offers and acceptances of employment will follow standard Waikato DHB recruitment processes. We will email an employment offer to successful applicants following email notification from ACE. Your acceptance must be received by the stated date (in your job offer letter) to be considered valid.

Can I turn down a job offer?

Please refer to the information provided by ACE. We hope that by applying to Waikato DHB you have already considered the benefits of coming to work with us.

What if my application is unsuccessful?

Candidates will follow the processes established by ACE for placement on the talent pool.

What choice will I have over rotations once I’m accepted?

NETP graduates will be allocated to a placement for the 12 months of the programme. This decision takes into account your preferences and the selection process. We do our best to try to match you to your preferred choices.

Is Waikato Hospital a teaching/training hospital?

Yes - and it’s developing an even stronger focus on training and research. It has invested in a new library and academic centre to support this move.

How hard is it to get parking at the hospital?

You can buy a parking ‘swipe’ card for on-site parking areas. However, these may be full which will require you to park in local streets. There is also a locked ‘bike shed’ facility with accompanying showers and changing rooms. This is attached to the Wilson car-parking building adjacent to the new car-parking building. Keys for this facility are available for a small fee and it is a secured building.

Is there childcare on campus?

A childcare centre, Lollipops Educare, is opposite the hospital.

What about the availability of accommodation in Hamilton and rural areas?

Good accommodation can be found at reasonable rates within walking distance of the hospital. In Hamilton it takes about 20 minutes to drive across town at rush hour, so many suburbs are within easy reach. Thames hospital offers hostel accommodation on site which can be useful initially while you look for more permanent accommodation locally. Thames is a 1,5 hour drive from Hamilton. Taumurunui hospital also offers accommodation on site. It is a 2 hour drive from Hamilton. Te Kuiti has on-site accommodation available, but Tokoroa does not have accommodation. They are a 1 hour drive (approx.) from Hamilton.