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Experienced midwives - Deliver your impressive skills

Are you a midwife with some years’ experience - looking for interesting and challenging cases?

  • Sharpen your skills in one of New Zealand’s largest hospitals.
  • You get the full range of birthing here, from primary care to women presenting with complications in pregnancy requiring our specialised high dependency unit.
  • It’s a great mix of quality caring, competency and challenges – allowing you to become a highly skilled and highly regarded midwife.
  • We provide higher education and professional development opportunities that will take your career to another level.
  • You can rotate through a number of areas, practicing your midwifery skills and adding advanced secondary/tertiary skill-sets to them.

Graduate midwives - Build your midwifery experience

Are you a newly graduated midwife - looking for a learning environment to start your career?

  • If you want broad experience and educational support to become skilled in your practice, this is the place for you.
  • We have a dedicated midwifery graduate support programme that will reinforce your learning and expand your knowledge
  • We offer a comprehensive education programme
  • Our team of midwifery educators will help you develop your career pathway.

What we offer

  • Not on call, regular hours
  • Choice of shifts
  • Ability to rotate through a range of areas to broaden your experience (antenatal including Women’s Assessment Unit, delivery suite including High Dependency Unit, and post natal wards)
  • Education and professional development focus
  • New delivery suite, modern facilities, wards currently being renovated
  • A service team committed to excellent care
  • A midwifery manager appointed straight from the floor – someone who understands professional needs and can translate these into management decisions.

Three possible roles as a Waikato DHB midwife

  1. Working as a midwife in Waikato Hospital
  2. Working as a primary midwife at the DHB’s birthing units
  3. Caseload midwives at our smaller rural hospitals.


Message from the Clinical Midwife Director, Corli Roodt

Corli Roodt

Corli Roodt

With over 20 years of midwifery experience I have practiced midwifery in both private and public sectors.

I am passionate about professionalism, mentoring, safe staffing and, most importantly, quality midwifery care, at all times with the mother and baby(ies) at the centre of our care.

I am very excited to constantly witness such positive changes happening within our Women's area.

Thinking of becoming a midwife?

A free 20 minute DVD shows what it's like to train at Wintec and start practice as a midwife in the Waikato.

Three Wintec midwifery students and three first year of practice Waikato midwives discuss their training programmes, support, the ups and downs of practice, coping with nerves, work/family balance, and what makes them passionate about their career choice

DVD available free of charge from:

Please include your name and postal address.

The dvd also includes:

  • Wintec Bachelor of Midwifery entry requirements
  • other useful resources and websites
  • a photographic essay.

DVD produced by Waikato DHB and Wintec.

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