Quality Leadership Programme for midwives

QLP - Quality Leadership Programme for midwives

The Quality Leadership Programme (QLP) for midwives provides a framework for Waikato DHB employed midwives and midwifery employers to meet their respective responsibilities in a manner which models partnership between employer and employee. The development, support and recognition of midwifery expertise by DHB employers promote excellence in the care of women and their babies throughout the childbirth process.

The QLP is based on the standards of the profession which apply to all midwives regardless of practice setting or employment status. The QLP:

  • is a structured framework which supports and, assists midwives to further develop knowledge and skills necessary to provide safe and effective care for women and their babies.
  • acknowledges and develops a range of transferable clinical and personal skills which can be used throughout a midwife’s career in a variety of practice settings
  • encourages and values professionalism in midwifery practice within DHB
  • provides a mechanism through which an organisation can value, recognise and encourage the professional development of midwives.
  • helps to identify and prepare midwives for leadership roles
  • provides a framework for midwives to contribute to DHB quality activities

The growth and maturity of midwives’ practice is represented in the Career Pathway for midwives and recognised through the QLP. This pathway identifies the additional requirements for each domain of practice and the development to senior midwife roles. 

The QLP is also designed to recognise and reward midwives for their individual domain of practice and their contribution to their service. Midwives are able to progress through domains of practice by preparing and submitting a portfolio to demonstrate how they meet the general requirements for a specific QLP domain of practice.

It is optional for midwives to prepare a portfolio for QLP. Whilst QLP is optional, Waikato DHB values the added benefits that the QLP brings and expects midwives who apply for senior roles to be on the QLP or working towards achieving a domain.

Portfolios are considered an essential tool in demonstrating professional accomplishments and documenting professional growth for a variety of professions. The value of a portfolio lies in its ability to provide a historical record and, perhaps more importantly, a pathway for future career growth and development.

QLP domains of practice for midwives are:

  • Competent (through Midwifery Standards Review)
  • Confident (Domain A)
  • Leadership (Domain B)

The QLP framework and tools used for the submission of a portfolio for QLP can also be used for the Midwifery Standards Review (MSR). Folder dividers are available to identify the requirements for Midwifery Council audit, MSR and QLP.