Clinical / Professional Supervision

Through practice development there is small capacity to offer individual and group clinical / professional supervision sessions.

Clinical/professional supervision provides health professionals with regular, formal opportunities to maintain and develop best clinical and culturally effective practice; inclusive of medico/legal, ethical decision making processes and respective of the individuals cultural background. (Waikato DHB policy).

The aim of the clinical supervision is to enable the supervisee to reflect in depth on issues affecting practice in order to develop personally and professionally towards achieving, sustaining and creatively developing a high quality of practice (Bond and Holland 1998).

Clarification of the difference between clinical supervision and counselling:
  • Counselling - The focus is on the client her/himself, their inner world and how past experiences may effect how he/she perceives and reacts to people and situations in the present.
  • Clinical Supervision - The focus is not on the inner world of the supervisee, but on their work. (Van Ooijen 2003)
In partaking in supervision, the supervisor and supervisee/es agree to:
  1. Form a supervisory relationship that is safe, equal and honest.
  2. Protect time and space for supervision by keeping to agreed appointments and time boundaries. Privacy will be respected and interruptions avoided.
  3. Work together to facilitate an environment for reflection which focuses on providing active listening, encouragement, enlightenment, constructive feedback and, where appropriate, high challenge and high support.
  4. Accountability – the supervisee is accountable for her/his own practice and decide what to bring to supervision.
  5. Confidentiality – All information discussed is confidential with the exception of: Reporting safety and/or ethical issues – the identified need for this is discussed at supervision and is actioned only if not resolved within a specified timeframe.
  6. The supervisor maintaining a record log of the sessions. Information kept for this purpose will be kept to a minimum, not contain protected or identifiable information and will only be available to the supervisor and supervisees. 
  7. Any other terms as determined by the supervisor and supervisees. 
  8. The supervision sessions taking place one hour monthly.

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