Health Workforce New Zealand Funding

Closing date 22 September 2017 (for semester 1 and 2 2018)

HWNZ funding for postgraduate nursing study is to support workforce development based on population needs.

The broad vision for the HWNZ postgraduate nursing training is:
“Working in partnership with key stakeholders to deliver a transparent and consistent model of funding for postgraduate nursing training that will enable nurses to improve health outcomes and disparities of New Zealanders.“

Process for submission:

  • Identify your pathway of study
  • Discuss your pathway with your Manager at your performance review
  • Application closing date is always on website. 

Tertiary Study Leave Form (DHB Applicants)
If you are a Waikato DHB Nurse/Midwife you will need to complete the online form on the customer portal. The form is under Training Requests and is called 341 Tertiary Programme Study Leave

Career Plan for non DHB applicants
The career plan that you need to complete is attached to the back of the Tertiary Study Leave Form (non DHB applicants). You do not need to complete the career plan listed as it is only for Waikato DHB employees.


  1. Writing Workshops: these are run each semester prior to the start of the new term.

  2. Mentoring: offered by PDU. If you are experiencing some challenges with your assignments please make contact with me and I will arrange for someone to work with you.
    Nicola Mckenzie: 021 241 5802

  3. Withdrawal Process: The student who wishes to withdraw must speak to their manager and also the  Nurse/Midwife Manager Professionl Development: Workforce about difficulties which are being experienced. This may mean more support can be put around the student which will assist and lead to success in the paper. If this is not successful please email both manager and Nurse/Midwife Manager–  Professionl Development: Workforce to inform them.

  4. The RNs withdrawing need to understand that id they withdraw without extenuating circumstances this will impact on their receiving future funding and in some situations they may be asked to reimburse the DHB. It also reflects badly on the DHB and can have a detrimental effect on the HWNZ contract.



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