Research and education

Waikato DHB includes a tertiary teaching hospital,an acadmemic and clinical skills training centre, research units associated with many of its medical departments, and associated societies, trusts and foundations such as the Waikato Medical Research Foundation and Waikato Postgraduate Medicine that foster advanced education, research and learning.


The organisation has strong links to the Auckland University Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences through the Waikato Clinical School and is a founding member of the New Zealand Institute of Rural Health(external link).

Waikato DHB actively supports staff involved in research activities and has an excellent library and academic and clinical skills training centre, the Waikato Clinical School.

Our on-campus educational and training facilities are described by health professionals as "second-to-none".

Dedicated clinical education funds ensure health professionals receive financial backing to attend national and international conferences or to pursue various courses of postgraduate education and training.

Waikato Medical Research Foundation

(external link)The Waikato Medical Research Foundation (WMRF) is a charitable foundation established in 1986 to promote, encourage and sustain medical research in the Waikato region. It welcomes donations and applications for research funding. It has supported research projects including studies of leukaemia, stroke, diabetes, head injury therapy, medically useful natural products, antibacterial properties of human breast milk and honey, asthma, breast cancer and coping with disability.

Waikato Medical Research Foundation(external link)
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