Safety Culture

Safety Culture

Safety culture - what is it?

In a nutshell, safety culture focuses on human factors (inherent human behaviours) and their influence on culture (the way we do things around here) and includes staff safety, process safety, system safety and, in our case, patient safety.

Research shows that having a positive safety culture impacts on a lot of things we take for granted as everyday activities, such as quality improvement, teamwork, communication, processes, learning and development, customer service, health and safety.

Our diverse team brings experience from executive members, unions, frontline workers, learning and development, human resources, and quality and safety.

L-r, top to bottom: John Barnard, Anne Welsh, Adrian Leathart, Jeweleigh Bates, Ance Strydom, RoseMarie Edlin Mo Neville, Rajan Ragupathy, Brett Paradine, Kathryn Jenkin, Wendy Bryce Jo Davidson, Di Peers, Greg Peploe, Claire West, Tracy Watson

Not pictured: Dee McElroy, Rhoda Prowse, Tania Te Wano

In April this year we began a series of questions that were chosen to help our group assess areas of safety culture that are working well or could be improved. Many of you may remember similar questions from previous staff surveys, and by comparing the data we receive, we can identify areas for future development.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. We know you are busy and that is why we designed the questions to take 1 minute to answer. So if you replied through the email link, via the intranet, or on a paper copy – THANK YOU.


Did you miss out on the first three questions? We have closed the questions for data collection but you can view them here.

So what are we actually going to DO with the information we have collected? This is where the silent majority fails us. We have heard from just under a third of our DHB employees, and while this is a good response rate compared to previous staff surveys, we know that we have a long way to go to engage with all of you.

We have put together a short power point presentation to give a brief insight into the concept of safety culture and to outline our aims. It only takes about 3 minutes so we encourage you to watch it. It should answer a lot of questions and may even change your mind, especially if you think safety culture does not impact you.

So watch out for us on the intranet and in your inbox, as we have a plan to be involved in a variety of activities and communications promoting safety culture across the DHB and we really want your participation.

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