Let's carpool

Did you know  that more than 5,000 vehicles access the Waiora Waikato Hospital Campus on a daily basis?

The road network and the campus car parks are under pressure from people looking for parking spaces.

Waikato DHB is actively increasing parking on the campus with the construction of two car park buildings but in order to keep up with demand as services expand we must look to promote alternative ways of getting to the campus. 

As part of our plan to improve access to the campus, Waikato DHB is offering staff the opportunity to carpool (share a ride with a colleague who works at the same location).

Some background information

Waikato District Health Board has teamed up with Let’s Carpool to make it even easier to say goodbye to those long solo drives to and from work, and hello to more money in your pocket with lower fuel costs each week.

Let’s Carpool is available in Waikato, Auckland,Taranaki, Manawatu and Wanganui, Wellington and Nelson/Tasman areas.

Visit the Let's Carpool website(external link) for more information.