Visiting patients

Visitors play an important part in a patient's wellbeing and comfort, and at the same time it is very important for patients to rest and recover.

We have standard visiting hours that cater for this need so if you need to visit at other times, please discuss this with the charge nurse in advance.
Some patients may have a nominated person who is providing extra care and support during difficult periods of their illness. They are not considered visitors so please do not feel aggrieved if they stay and you are asked to leave at the end of visiting hours.
Waikato DHB has a formal visitors policy [PDF, 145 KB] which covers all its facilities.

All hospitals

  • 11am - 1.30pm and 4pm - 8pm daily

Some wards may have specific visiting rules - please follow the rules set out in any notices or instructions shown on these wards or advised by our staff.
These rules are for patient rest and safety, and to allow staff to care for our patients.

Henry Rongomau Bennett Centre

Mental Health facility

Visitor top tips

Our top tips are made with the wellbeing and safety of patients in mind. Please respect these while you are visiting.

Two visitors at a time

Patients are often tired and easily overwhelmed by too many visitors. For the comfort of all patients, we ask that you share visiting so only two visitors are with a patient at any one time. Please leave promptly at the end of visiting time.

Unwell visitors can spread infections

Patients are vulnerable. If you have a cold, diarrhoea, viral illness or are generally feeling unwell, you may pass on an infection. Please don't visit until you are better. Whenever you visit, use the Sterigel hand rub at the entrance to every ward to rub into your hands. This protects both you and our patients.

Children are welcome, but must be supervised

Children under 14 must be supervised and accompanied by an adult. We cannot be responsible for keeping an eye on them. That’s your role. Have a plan – perhaps bring someone else who can look after the kids, or take a break in the cafeteria or in the hospital grounds if they get restless.

Keep noise levels down

Set your mobile phone to silent or vibrate. Be aware that other patients in the ward may be feeling unwell or sleeping.

Respect privacy of others – no photos without permission

For privacy reasons you must not take photos or videos without permission.

Food for patients

You are welcome to bring a small amount of fruit, food or cold drinks when you visit. However check with the staff if there are any restrictions on what the patient is allowed

We are smokefree

No smoking at all at our hospitals. That includes inside our buildings and on the hospital grounds. This smokefree policy applies to all visitors, patients and staff. We know it can be stressful if you have a loved one in hospital, so get prepared before you visit – bring nicotine gum or patches with you, or plan to take breaks right away from the hospital campus.

No alcohol or drugs

Visitors must not bring drugs, stimulants or alcohol into our hospitals, either for patients to use or for themselves. 

No gang regalia

Anyone is welcome to visit, but please don’t wear gang regalia, patches or gang colours. Our Security team has authority to ask you to take these things off, or to leave the hospital.

Zero tolerance of violence or abusive language

There is never an excuse for aggressive bad behaviour. We understand that stress, anxiety, grief and fear can cause people to act in a way they wouldn’t normally. However violence (words or actions) to  staff patients or visitors will not be tolerated. Waikato DHB has a large Security team and a close relationship with Police. A person acting in a violent manner will be warned by staff then by Security personnel before they're asked to leave, depending on the level of violence involved.  If it continues Police will be called.