Checklist or to-do list

Checklists are doctor created to-do lists to help achieve a healthy living goal. Patients can discover and choose a checklist themselves or be given them as a recommended plan from a consultation.

Educational text answers

Patients can ask general questions and get answers from the HealthTap doctors. When a patient uses the educational text answers functionality, the question will show up on the home page of any of the health care professionals in the patient's health care team.


HealthTap is the current provider of the platform being used to deliver SmartHealth. HealthTap is also the name of the app that patients and clinicians can download and use on a mobile device to access SmartHealth.

Inbox consult or text message consult

This is when a patient chooses to connect using a message within SmartHealth. The health care professional and patient are able to message back and forth. A HealthTap notification will indicate when a message has arrived from the other person. The consult ends when the health care professional completes a SOAP note.

Live consult

A live consult is a consult where the patient and the health care professional are connected at the same time. The consult can use text chat, voice or video depending on the network capability and the patient choice.

Out of hours doctor service

There is a free out of hours service available Monday to Friday 6pm to 11pm and weekends and public holidays 8am to 8pm. The SmartHealth out of hours service allows patients to use the HealthTap app on their smart phone, tablet device or desktop computer to contact qualified NZ registered doctors to discuss health issues. The consult can use text chat, voice or video depending on the network capability and the patient choice.

Patient health care team

A patient's health care team is the list of health care professionals the patient has asked to be caring for them. Once the health care professional has accepted them into their virtual practice, the patient can ask questions, book appointments and have online consults.

Push notifications

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device.

Patient chart

Profile information added to SmartHealth by the patient is available to healthcare professionals during and after a consult.


SmartHealth is an online healthcare service provided by the Waikato DHB that includes HealthTap, an online platform and mobile app which connects you with a range of health services using your smart phone, tablet device or home computer. Read more About SmartHealth

SOAP note

At the end of a consultation the health care professional will complete clinical documentation referred to as a SOAP note because it includes Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan information. SOAP notes are also provided to patients in the HealthTap app once a consult is completed.