Getting started

SmartHealth - signing up and getting started

Please Note: For further help please read the frequently asked questions and review the other help documents.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, or you have a technical problem, please contact SmarthHealth support:
Phone: 0800 222 551

It is important that the email address used to sign up is personal and private. To create a personal and private email address try one of these email options:

Google - link)
Yahoo - link)
Microsoft - link)

 Sign up in person OR online

Sign up in person at the Waikato DHB
Sign up online using an online form

You will need:

  • Accepted photo ID*
  • Personal email address to receive notifications from SmartHealth (choose an email address you do not share with anyone else)
  • Details of your GP and/or GP practice

Take your photo ID along to the SmartHealth desk at Waikato Hospital or to the DHB’s other hospitals at Thames, Te Kuiti, Tokoroa or Taumauranui

You will need:

  • A current clear, passport style, selfie
  • A photo or scan of an accepted photo ID* with a clearly visible ID number
  • Personal email address to receive
    notifications from SmartHealth (choose an email address you do not share with anyone else)
  • Details of your GP and/or GP practice

Click on ‘CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP(external link)

*Accepted IDs include:
Current 18+ Card, New Zealand Passport, Overseas Passport (with New Zealand Immigration visa/permit), New Zealand Driver's Licence, Firearms Licence, New Zealand Certificate of Identity (issued under the Passports Act 1992), New Zealand Refugee Travel Document (issued by NZ Department of Internal Affairs), Emergency Travel Document (issued by NZ Department of Internal Affairs).

Once the sign up form has been processed an email will be sent from SmartHealth to your personal email address with a link to get started. This may take 48 hours to arrive.

Please wait until fully registered before downloading the HealthTap app.

 Completing account registration with SmartHealth

You will need:

  • Access to the personal email address supplied when you signed up (see above)
  • Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a broadband internet connection
  • A password – you will be asked to create one

Open your email and locate the message from (check junk/spam folders).  

Read through the email introduction and then click on the Tap in button.

Email from SmartHealth


Tap in button

Set your password

You will need

  • A password that is more than eight characters long AND includes at least:
    • one lowercase letter,
    • one uppercase letter,
    • one number,
    • one special character (e.g. # or % or * …).

Type your password into the password box.

Click in the Confirm Password box and retype your password.

Click on the Set password & log in button.

Set password

Initial setup - including information about the menu items

Menu Item - Ask Docs

Read through the information about the Ask Docs menu item.

Confirm that the location is set to NZ.

Click on the location icon or click on Update Location.

Ask Docs

Select your location

Click in the search box to find your town.

Select your town.

Click on the Update location button.

Set location


Click on the Continue button.

Menu item - Feed

To receive information tailored to you it is useful to add information about any of your diagnosed conditions, medications, and allergies.

Click the No or Yes buttons for each area and provide details.

Click on the Continue button.

Set up feed

Menu item - Search

Read through the list of things that can be searched for within SmartHealth.

Click on the Continue button.

Reas about search

Menu item – To-Do

Identify health goals so you can receive information about tips and checklists you can use to achieve that goal. Click in the Find goal or topic (eg. Lose Weight) box and type in a health goal. Select topics or goals to be provided with tips, checklists, and more!

Click the  Continue button when done.

Select to-do topics

Well done!

Your account is now registerred and ready to get started. Click the Tap-in to the app button to get started in SmartHealth

Registration complete

You can now begin using SmartHealth

HealthTap Feed

To access SmartHealth using a browser go to ... link)