Frequently asked questions

How do I access the tutorial at any time?

Log in to SmartHealth ( link)) using a web browser.

Select Your Virtual Practice in the left hand menu and click on the Tutorial link on the top right.

Position of link to the tutorial

When connecting using an iPad the waiting graphic keeps spinning but nothing is happening, what can I try to fix this?

One issue is with the Corporate WiFi when using a data connection at the same time. Try turning off the Corporate WiFi and then starting again.

How do I get a professional photograph for my profile?

Staff employed by The Waikato DHB can log a request in the Customer Portal.

Go to: Requests > Log a Request > Written & Visual Communication > 361 Photograph and Audiovisual request.

  • Job name: HealthTap Profile Photo.
  • Job type: Project photography.
  • Job description: HealthTap user profile photograph.

How do I prevent my iPhone from receiving a call in the middle of a consult?

If you need to have a consult using your iPhone and do not want receive a phone call which could interfere with the consult quality, follow the following steps.

  • Go to Settings in the iPhone.
  • Select Do Not Disturb to view the settings.
  • Set Manual to ON.
  • Repeated Calls to Off.
  • Silence to Always.

With these settings, you will still receive a SmartHealth/HealthTap call but phone calls will be silenced. Set them back after your consult to start receiving calls again.

Do Not Disturb settings

I am a health care professional in this patient's care team. How can I see SOAP notes from their previous consultations with other health care professionals?

You can view SOAP notes during a consultation with the patient or after you have completed at least one consultation with that patient.

During a consultation

Click on the Patient Chart button and then click on Questions & Consults. The section will expand to reveal questions the patient has asked and previous consultations.

patient chart

After completing a consultation

Search for the patient in the Your Patients section. Patients you have had a consultation with will have a View transcript link that you can click on to view previous consults the patient has had with you or other health care professionals.

View transcript

Please Note: If you have never had a consultation with that patient you will not be able to view their previous SOAP notes.