What is a PHO?

Each GP practice or medical centre in the Waikato is a member of a Primary Health Organisation (PHO). Their funding from government comes through the PHO – that provides subsidies for your visiting fees and other costs such as prescriptions.

When you decide on a GP or medical centre, you can enrol in the PHO they belong to. This will be done at the GP practice or medical centre – just ask at reception.

  • Enrolment is voluntary, but you gain the benefits of cheaper doctors visits and reduced costs on prescription medicines.
  • You can only be enrolled in one PHO at a time.
  • If you need to make a casual visit to another practice (for example, if you are away from home and get sick), and you do not hold a Community Services Card, you may be charged the full fee as a casual patient.
  • Children under six years old are eligible for reduced cost doctor visits and free prescription medicines regardless.

The three PHOs that have GPs in the Waikato area are:

Check their websites for a list of practices in the Waikato area, and information about their fees.