Quality and Patient Safety team


  1. Quality and Patient Safety team
  2. Infection Prevention and Control team
  3. Wound care team


Quality and Patient Safety team

The Quality and Patient Safety team has a crucial role in supporting the DHB work toward the triple aim, for quality improvement.

What does the team do? 

  • Ensures a robust governance framework is in place in the DHB
  • Implements an annual work plan to achieve the aims of the quality strategy
  • Supports and monitors the delivery of a quality service
  • Supports the organisation in striving for continuous quality improvement and outcomes in every service
  • Identifies and manages risk to quality of care, investigating sub-standard care or serious events
  • Facilitates change - providing tools, skills and quality improvement methodologies 
  • Supports research and innovation

The team includes staff who support the key areas of quality –

  • patient safety
  • consumer engagement
  • clinical effectiveness
  • and quality improvement.

Key Personnel
Mo Neville
Executive Director Quality and Patient Safety 

Staff are located around Waiora Waikato Hospital Campus, Pembroke Street, Hamilton
Managers office is at 218 Pembroke Street, Hamilton

Contact information
Pesonal Assistant: Beverley Elenor  07 8580943 ext 98504

Key documents
There are a number of publications developed by the quality and patient safety team that can be found below

Wound Care Team

The wound care team is a group of nurses working in advanced practice roles across Waikato DHB.
The team's over-arching goal is to improve delivery of wound care services that enhance patient outcomes across the care continuum.

The team consists of:

  • Julie Betts, Nurse Practitioner
  • Maria Schollum, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Lishele Holloway, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Vanessa Witt, Speciality Clinical Nurse

We primarily work with patient populations who present with challenging wound care needs.
We offer expert clinical advice, education of staff and patients and care co-ordination to address the complexities of the episode of care. 

We work with and through a range of health professionals to achieve successful and cost effective wound healing for patients in the Waikato DHB and beyond.

Infection Prevention and Control team

Our infection prevention and control team is a dedicated department and includes specialist infection control nurses, an infectious diseases consultant and a clinical microbiologist.

The team is supported by the director of Nursing and Midwifery and the assistant group manager for Quality and Patient Safety.

The team's work includes:

  • Acting as a source of specialist advice, advising and supporting doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers on best practice.
  • Daily review of patients with infection control related issues.
  • Managing outbreaks of infection.
  • Supporting the national patient safety campaign “Open for Better Care” including hand hygiene, surgical site infection improvement programme.
  • Delivering a programme of staff education.
  • Undertaking regular infection control related audits to measure compliance against standards.
  • Developing infection control policies in line with national guidance.
  • Advising on infection control issues relating to new buildings, refurbishment works and new clinical products.
  • Monitoring infection rates.


Key contact

Charge Nurse Manager Vicki Parry ext. 23136 mob.021 451 205