Leadership walks

There has been exciting changes to the Releasing Time to Care - Productive Ward executive visits. As of September 2014 these walks were expanded to become ‘Executive Leadership Quality and Safety walks’. Board members are part of the visiting team and both patients and staff are asked about safety and quality issues during the visit.

Leadership walks at Waikato Hospital

Leadership walks at Waikato Hospital involve senior executives and board members talking to staff and patients.

The purpose of these walks is to

  • support quality improvement - the ongoing sustainability of the Productive Series, quality and patient safety initiatives,
  • identify any challenges that departments may have
  • share good practice and ideas.

The overall key findings - patients are generally happy with care provided. There have been issues raised about the cleanliness of the curtains and lack of food choice for diabetic patients.

For more information about patient feedback please visit our page on the national patient experience survey results.