Vaccinator authorisation

Authorisation as a vaccinator

Note: Waikato DHB Public Health service can only authorise nurses working within Waikato districts.

  • The authorisation of vaccinators to give immunisations from the New Zealand Ministry of Health Immunisation Schedule(external link) is covered by the 1984, clause 44A (2) Medicines Regulations Act (see the Ministry of Health Immunisations Handbook for further details).
  • This authorisation enables approved vaccinators to give vaccines from the schedule without direct supervision from a medical practitioner.
  •  It is the responsibility of the person wishing to become a vaccinator or maintain their vaccination certificate to ensure they have adhered to the New Zealand Ministry of Health authorisation process.
  • Each public health unit around the country has Medical Officers of Health who will oversee this national process for their area and will be guided by the Act as outlined in the NZ Immunisation Handbook.

Waikato DHB uses the following steps to implement this process: