Ageing and Dementia Compendium

Many of those involved in the recent development of dementia care pathways have been struck by the enormous volume of literature from overseas and by the relative paucity of local evidenced based literature. It is widely agreed that pathways also need to be clearly relevant in local contexts and not simply extrapolated from overseas perspectives. To achieve this there needs to be development of a broad literature base drawn from the New Zealand context blending evidence from research, local experience and local information.

This compendium of New Zealand research literature goes a long way toward development of a local evidence base, which can be blended with international evidence to ensure that local dementia pathways are designed to meet with the specific needs of local population groups. 

Ageing and Dementia: A compendium of New Zealand Research Literature

Information within this compendium may be freely used provided the source is acknowledged. Every effort has been made to ensure the information in this monograph is correct. The Waikato District Health Board and the author will not accept any responsibility for information which is incorrect or where action has been taken as a result of the information in this monograph.

This compendium was compiled by Dr. P.S.D.V. Prasadarao, Mental Health for Older People, Waikato District Health Board, along with other contributors, with a research grant from the Alzheimers New Zealand charitable trust, Inc., Christchurch, New Zealand and published in December, 2014 by the Waikato District Health Board, Hamilton, New Zealand.


The author and the contributors would like to gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance by the Alzheimer’s New Zealand Charitable trust without whose support this would not have been possible.


Prasadarao, P.S.D.V. (2014). Ageing and Dementia: A compendium of New Zealand Research Literature. Hamilton, New Zealand: MHSOP, Waikato District Health Board.