Mothercraft provides 24-hour care Monday to Friday live-in residential assistance and education for parents in a home-like, supportive environment.  The service is for primary caregivers and babies up to one year of age.

MothercraftIt is a one-storeyed building located near Waikato Hospital and has access to all hospital facilities and support services.


Mothercraft caters for infants up to one year and one parent/caregiver. While most of this information may seem to be directed at mothers, anyone who is the primary caregiver can be admitted with the child.

Mothercraft is staffed by registered and enrolled nurses who are supported by dedicated medical staff, social workers and other allied health professionals including dietitians, lactation (breastfeeding) consultants, and home care nurses.


End of Ryburn Lane, Waiora Waikato Hospital Campus, Pembroke Street, Hamilton

Contact information

(07) 839 8899 ext 96550

Referral information

Families from the Waikato DHB region can be referred by either a general practitioner (GP), paediatrician, Plunket nurse/Well Child health nurse, midwife, Maternal Mental Health, or a support agency involved in their care.
Mothercraft also takes clients from the Midland health region i.e. the areas covered by Bay of Plenty, Lakes, Taranaki and Tairawhiti DHBs. For referrals from the Midlands region, a paediatrician or DHB Mental Health referral is required.

All referrals go through the Regional Referral Centre at Waikato DHB.  The mother/caregiver’s and baby's details are needed.

Reasons for referral may include assistance with feeding and sleep management of babies, issues such as wakeful crying babies, infant colic, poor weight gain and reflux; and for the parent/caregiver issues such as exhaustion, post-natal depression and anxiety. 

What happens when you come to Mothercraft?


Where possible you and the baby will be admitted on a Monday before midday. This gives the benefit of staying for five days in the unit.
Please have all your baby’s immunisations up-to-date by the time you are admitted.
Please complete the forms you have been sent and bring them with you. 
If you have not received the forms, print and complete the ones below:

Your care

In Mothercraft you will receive individual care aimed at meeting the needs of you and your baby, and we will develop a care plan with you.


If you or the baby are ill at the time of admission, or become ill while you are at Mothercraft, it may be necessary to discharge you and organise a readmission you are well.

Staying with us

You will have your own room with a single bed and a cot/bassinette for your baby. There is a shared modern kitchen and lounge/dining room.


All meals will be provided for you and the baby. Dinners are delivered from the hospital kitchen. Ingredients for breakfast and lunch are provided, and you can use the kitchen to prepare what you want. You may wish to bring your own snacks.

Washing facilities

We have an automatic washer and dryer available.

Television and DVD player

These are available, and we have many informative DVDs on parenting.


The hospital campus is totally smokefree, inside buildings and outside. We can provide assistance to be smokefree while you are here. We are happy to discuss smoking cessation with you at any time.

What to bring for you and the baby

  • If you are formula feeding, bring formula, two bottles and bottle brush
  • Disposable nappies
  • Good supply of bibs
  • Light clothing for you and your baby
  • Extra short-sleeved singlets or body suits for day/night sleeping (Mothercraft is warm)
  • Toiletries including baby products
  • Your own pillow if you want
  • Breastfeeding pillow if you use one
  • Any medications that have been prescribed for you or baby
  • Well Child Book
  • Mobile phone if you have one

What we supply

  • Sterilising equipment for bottles and teats – sterilising tablets and containers are available and we also have a microwave steriliser
  • Bed linen for you and the baby’s cot/bassinette
  • Necessary baby equipment e.g. prams, buggy, bouncinettes, baby bath and toys
  • Meals and some snacks