2015 Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal

The 2015 Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal raised $135,000 for Waikids in this time

With this money, Waikids was able to purchase:

  • Retinal Camera that provides real-time monitoring of babies’ eye development that increases the chances of normal vision.
  • Early in 2016 it enabled Waikids to open the Multisensory Room used predominately for children with intellectual disabilities. The Room took three and a half years of planning and fundraising to create, Countdown donated $19,000 towards this room from our 2014 wish list.

It was the Appeals ninth year, and had raised more than $8 million for 14 hospitals across New Zealand.

In the news

Wishlist for 2015

Culliana Taukiri

Culliana Taukiri with Countdown Waikato group manager Karl Wareham

Waikato Hospital

  • BrainZ monitor
    Vital for the assessment of brain function in newborn babies

  • Resuscitate for Delivery Suite and Emergency Department
    Used to resuscitate and transport newborn babies

  • Retinal camera
    Real-time monitoring of babies’ eye development allowing on-the-spot decisions and treatment, increasing chances of normal vision