2013 Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal

The 2013 Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal that raises money for hospitals with dedicated children’s areas kicked off in the Waikato today (Wednesday 5 August).

Waikato District Health Board’s launched the annual campaign by presenting a ‘wish list’ to Countdown staff outlining much-needed hospital equipment for its child and youth health service (Waikids). 

From now until 27 October Countdown staff will engage in locally-led fundraising activities to grant items on the wish list to Waikids.

Now in its seventh year, the appeal has raised more than $5.7 million for 10 children’s wards throughout New Zealand with more than $600,000 of that going to Waikato Hospital. 

“We really appreciate the dedication and ongoing commitment of the Countdown team, as well as the fantastic generosity of the Waikato community.  The difference the appeal has made to the lives of our children is immeasurable,” Waikato District Health Board’s Paediatrics unit manager Lorraine Reid said. 

The bulk of the $144,774 donated to Waikids last year went towards sophisticated monitoring equipment, breast pumps for new mothers, and parent beds for those staying with children during surgery. 

Waikato’s wishlist for 2013

  • Tilt-away beds x 18 - for the paediatric medical inpatient ward
    These will be used within each of the single rooms within the ward to allow families to stay with their children, maximising comfort while minimising risk of infection

  • Smart monitor x 2 - each for the paediatric medical inpatient ward
    These are used to measure heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation levels

  • Neo feed syringe driver x 4 - each for NICU
    The neo feed syringe drivers are used in the NICU unit to specifically give continuous milk feed to the babies who do not tolerate intermittent feeds or can not feed independently

  • Hand held pulse oximeter x 2 – each for the children’s ED
    A simple tool used for patient monitoring - both spot checks and continuous monitoring - of pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation

  • Baby scales x 1 - for the children’s ED
    Lightweight and portable scales with digital display to give precise baby weight

  • SenTec digital monitoring system x 1 - for NICU
    This monitor delivers continual information, measuring heart rate, blood pressure, and circulating oxygen levels.

  • Additional continuous carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring 
    Without this information, the CO2 levels can only be determined intermittently by blood tests, which sometimes results in an unanticipated need to dramatically change the level of respiratory support.)

  • Recliner chairs x 2 - for NICU
    Currently only have two.  Ideal resting mum as well as encouraging skin to skin with baby, also enables mum to breastfeed comfortably.

  • Dexcom receiver/transmitter x 1 - for the paediatric diabetes team
    Diabetic patients manage their levels each day at home. Baseline checks required 4 times per year, where they have their levels monitored for a whole day. This allows for this baseline checks to be carried out easily and is compatible with our current home pump systems.

  • Afinion analyser x 1 - for paediatric diabetes team
    The current analyser is used in the consultant clinics to obtain a 3 month average of blood glucose levels, which is the most effective predictor of long-term health outcomes.

  • An additional transportable unit would enable these checks to be carried out at outreach