Waikids is the brand that integrates all child and youth health services provided by Waikato District Health Board, whether they are provided in hospital, clinics, in the community or in people’s homes.

Waikids is a name that refers to all services, staff and programmes that focus on meeting the health and disability needs of children and their families.

A more integrated approach is helpful to families using our services. It avoids duplication and coordinates the care of a child and family.

From the day a Waikato baby is born until they become an adult, they are a Waikid.



The role of Waikids is to deliver child-centred, youth-centred and family/whanau focused and friendly care, and to

  • raise awareness about health issues
  • care for children with health issues and their families
  • keep children healthy

It also provides a common focus for all Waikato DHB services that care for children. It helps us provide a clearer health pathway for the families who come in contact with us.

See below for a list of Waikato DHB services focused on infants, children and youth.



Waikids services are offered throughout the region at hospitals, clinics, homes and out in the community. Refer to the specific service for location details.

Contact information

Otherwise refer to the contact details for specific services or Waikato Hospital Operator: (07) 839 8899 for all services and departments.

Referral information

See the referral information for specific services.  Referrals are usually from GPs or other health professionals, social agencies or community organisations.


List of services and programmes that come under the Waikids brand

Note: Paediatrics is the medical term for infants, children and adolescents usually up to 18 years old.

This list is of services and programmes that are specially focused on infants, children and youth. Many other hospital and community services cater for all age groups. For space reasons, they are not listed here.

Other services for young people rather than children

Other resources