Trauma Theatre

Trauma care is the treatment given to seriously injured patients by specialist teams of surgeons and nurses, from the first care through to recovery and rehabilitation.

The Waikato Trauma Service provides expert clinical advice and direct care to trauma patients at Waikato Hospital.

These patients often have multiple injuries requiring care from many different hospital services, so one of the roles of the Trauma Service is to coordinate and facilitate this treatment.


Over 4700 patients are admitted to hospitals in the Midland region each year with serious injuries. Of these about 470 have injuries which are severe or life threatening. The outcomes of these patients are improved by application of best practice to all parts of their clinical journey, coordinated by skilled and dedicated trauma services working within an organised and collaborative trauma system.

Waikato Trauma Service is part of the Midland Regional Trauma System (MRTS) which has a clinical team in each of the Midland health regions' DHBs.  Each clinical team consists of a trauma nurse specialist (TNS) and a trauma-oriented consultant (TOC). The teams provide clinical support and collect trauma data which is sent to the hub group for quality checking and entry into the MRTS registry.

The hub group of the MRTS team consists of a trauma specialist, nurse consultant, administrator, data manager and data analyst. This group provides clinical and strategic support, guideline development, registry and TQIP development, high-level jurisdictional links, data handling, quality control, reporting and research.


Waikato Hospital, Waiora Waikato hospital campus, Pembroke Street, Hamilton

Contact information

Waikato Hospital Operator: (07) 839 8899 for all services and departments

Referral information

Patients are referred to the service by hospital specialists.

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