About Pain Clinic

Frequently asked questions

Who will see me at the Pain Clinic and how long will I be there?

You should anticipate this visit taking about two hours. You might be seen by one or more health professionals at the clinic.
Our team includes medical doctors, psychologists, a physiotherapist and sometimes a psychiatrist or nurse. If appropriate, we include people from other specialties too, such as Mental health/Alcohol and Drug service or the Palliative Care team. 
The psychologist can help you understand how our mind and body relate when it comes to pain experiences.
The physiotherapist can help you become stronger, little by little, and move more easily, and how to pace your activities and become more confident.
The doctor may make changes to your medicatiion and review its effectiveness each visit. We work closely with your GP to taper off medicines which are not providing any real benefit.

Is there anything I can do to help prepare for my visit to Pain Clinic?

It is really important that you answer the questionnaire. If you don't, you may jeopardise your chances of getting an appointment with the Pain Clinic.
General advice on preparing for a clinic appointment.. 

How long will it be before my appointment?

All referrals are triaged according to priority, there is high demand for the service and some referrals of routine priority may wait 12 months. We have a pain education session that most patients of routine priority are invited to attend. Attendance is a requirement of securing an appointment.

Is there anything I can do until then?

Follow your GP's advice. Talk to your GP if your condition gets worse.
Ensure you have filled in the pain questionnaire [PDF, 227 KB] and it has been returned to the pain clinic to aid in timely triage. 
Look at some of the good information about pain and pain management that is available. There is a lot of good advice you can start to build into your life before your Pain Clinic visit. Check our resources and website links page.

 How do I get to Pain Clinic?

We are located at Reception B,  Level 1, Meade Clinical Centre at Waikato Hospital.
If you are coming by car, we recommend you use the Hague Road Carpark Building and catch the lift to Level 1. Turn left out of the lifts and follow the signs to the Meade Clinical Centre, which is very close by. You will soon see the bright red Reception A and Reception B areas in the Meade Clinical Centre.
Report to Reception B on your arrival. 

If you are coming by bus, get off at the stop outside Waikato Hospital Emergency Department on Pembroke Street. You will need to come into the Waiora Waikato Centre and then follow the signs to the Meade Clinical Centre along the Level 1 hospital corridor. The walk will take you about 5 minutes.
If you need help, please ask at the Enquiries desk which is by the Emergency Department.

More information about transport and parking

Pain Clinic - who we are and how we can help

We are a group of professionals which includes doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses and (not least) our friendly receptionist. 
Our priority is to enable the people who come to the clinic to manage their painful conditions at home. 

Research is showing us that what we call “a whole person approach” is generally more successful in pain management than isolating out just one part of an individual’s health e.g. their back or their tummy. We know the importance of considering all the aspects of an individual’s life to gain the best possible health and pain management.  This can involve the whole team (of which you, the client, are an important member).

Our main area of concern is in chronic non-malignant pain (not cancer related) although on rare occasions we do work alongside the Palliative Care team in providing pain relief.

Occasionally we also provide access to procedures which may help to alleviate persistent pain symptoms, but we are more about teaching people techniques so they can positively manage their own pain in their own homes. 

Your GP can refer you to the Pain Clinic if they feel it is necessary for us to review your case. We can work alongside your GP if any pain issues crop up along the way and help navigate the way forward so you can manage your pain in your own environment.