Pain management is a branch of medicine that specialises in easing or addressing both acute and chronic pain.

Waikato Hospital's Integrated Pain Service brings together a team of health professionals including doctors, nurses, psychologists and physiotherapists to assist people in hospital or in their community to get relief from acute pain or manage chronic pain. 

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Waikato Hospital's Integrated Pain Service is part of the Theatres and Interventional services cluster.
Pain services include

Pain services for inpatients
Consulting services for inpatient adults with acute, chronic and cancer pain.  We work alongside the patient’s primary medical team who are ultimately responsible for their patients’ care.  The inpatient service provides:

  • Management of acute pain following surgery or trauma with advanced analgesic techniques e.g. epidural analgesia, other regional analgesia, PCA, ketamine infusion. Generally the service will be responsible for all aspects of the pain treatment (starting it, titration, problem solving, transition to oral analgesia).
  • Assistance with the management of acute on chronic pain, neuropathic pain and cancer pain with oral analgesia.
  • Assistance with the management of pain in patients with complex pain-related issues e.g. patients on the methadone maintenance programme.
  • Assistance with the management of patients admitted with long term interventional pain techniques e.g. intrathecal catheters.
  • Consultation and assessment of patients who may need referral to the Chronic Pain Clinic or to the Interventional Pain Procedure Clinic.

Interventional pain services
For hospital patients with acute pain who may benefit from an interventional procedure e.g. epidural steroid, or can be referred to a fortnightly outpatient pain procedures clinic which is held at a different location off Waiora Waikato Hospital campus.

Pain clinics for outpatients
Pain management support to those experiencing persistent and chronic pain and who are referred to clinic by their doctor either GP or inpatient medical team.


Waikato Hospital, Pembroke Street, Hamilton

  • Pain Clinic, Reception B, Level 1, Meade Clinical Centre

Contact information

Pain Clinic
Ph: (07) 8398899 ext 98535

Referral information

Referrals are made through the Referral Coordination Centre. 
Referrals are by general practitioners (GPs) for assessment at clinic or outpatient procedure.
Inpatient referrals are made by hospital staff.
All referrals must be accompanied by a completed pain questionnaire [PDF, 227 KB].

Useful resources and links

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