Endocrinology involves the diagnosis and management of endocrine disorders.  Endocrine glands include the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, ovaries and testes.

It provides a range of inpatient (ward) and outpatient (clinic) services at both a secondary and tertiary level. Diabetes (an endocrine disorder) is managed by the Diabetes service.

The team includes consultant endrocrinologists, endocrine registrars, specialist endocrine nurses, and clerical support staff. It works closely with specialist endocrine surgeons.


Endocrinology is a sub-specialty of General Medicine at Waikato Hospital and is part of the Internal Medicine cluster. 
Services include

  • Outpatient clinics (for new referrals and follow-ups). These are general endocrinology and thyroid clinics. 
  • Specific clinics are also held for patients with acromegaly, Turner’s syndrome, neuroendocrine tumours and familial endocrine disorders.
  • A combined endocrinology/thyroid clinic in conjunction with a specialised endocrine (thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal) surgeon.
  • Inpatient (ward) services include endocrinology admissions and ward consultations.
  • Specialised endocrinology testing 
  • Specialised procedures e.g. adrenal vein sampling, petrosal sinus sampling


Waikato Hospital, Waiora Waikato Hospital Campus, Pembroke Street, Hamilton

  • Endocrinology Clinic, Reception I, Level 3, Meade Clinical Centre
  • Meade Day Care/Medical day care – refer to your appointment letter for location information

Contact information

Waikato Hospital Operator: (07) 839 8899 for all services and departments

Referral information

Referrals are by general practitioners (GPs) or other health specialists.

Non-acute (non-urgent) referrals will initially be seen at a clinic appointment.