Diabetes is a chronic condition due to autoimmune based loss of insulin secretion in Type 1 diabetes or a combination of loss of insulin secretion coupled with insulin resistance in the more common Type 2 form of diabetes.

Both types of diabetes do carry high risks for renal, retinal, nerve and vascular diseases but these can be avoided or minimised  with effective patient self-management.

Waikato District Health Board’s regional diabetes service is a centre for education, management and research of diabetes.


Diabetes is a specialty within Waikato Hospital’s Internal Medicine service cluster.
The sub-specialist teams include:

  • Diabetes and pregnancy with an emphasis on Type 1 and Type 2 management and insulin infusion pump therapy
    Team members – endocrinologist, specialist nurse educator, midwife and dietitian

  • A multidisciplinary team weight management programme for the morbidly obese
    Team members – endocrinologist, specialist nurse educator, physiotherapist, dietitian, psychologist

  • Multi-disciplinary high-risk foot clinic
    Team members – podiatrist, orthotist, wound care nurse, vascular surgeon

  • Insulin pump treatment programme
    Team members – endocrinologist, specialist educators, dietitian, psychologist (for children and young adults)

  • Hospital-based diabetes education team
    Team members – specialist educators working closely with a diabetes registrar

  • Adolescent and young adult programme
    Team members - diabetes specialists, specialist educators, psychologist, dietitian

  • Pharmaceutical trial unit and clinical research team
    Team members – endocrinologist, research coordinator and research nurses

  • Community hospital outreach programme
    Monthly outreach programmes in the rural hospitals (Tokoroa, Te Kuiti and Taumarunui)

  • Community-based clinical nurse specialists
    A team of community based nurse specialists are a core component of the service and provide for a continuum of care from the community through to the hospital.

  • Clinical research
    The unit is involved in a number of clinical trials. Team members include a trial co-ordinator, a registered nurse and involvement of the unit endocrinologists.

  • Retinal photoscreening service
    The unit provides a mobile retinal photoscreening service that provides outreach services throughout the Waikato at rural and urban sites. The team members include a co-ordinator /retinal photographer,  medical photographer and registered nurse.


Waikato Regional Diabetes Service
26 Clarence Street

Contact information

(07) 859 9180

Referral information

Referrals are by general practitioners (GPs) or other health specialists using the Referral Coordination Centre.

For urgent appointments contact the Waikato Regional Service administrator or clinical nurse manager at 07 859 9180.

2015 Diabetes Education Seminar Series (organised by the Waikato Regional Diabetes Service)

Dates and topics of the seminar series [PDF, 81 KB]