Critical Care

Critical careCritical Care is an area where specialist care is given to patients when rapid, potentially reversible, life-threatening diseases or injury occur, such as a major accident, a severe infection, coma or following a major operation.

Critical Care is divided into two areas:

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where critically ill patients are cared for
  • High Dependency Unit (HDU) where patients require extra monitoring above what can be safely provided in the wards are cared for.


Critical Care is part of Waikato Hospital's Theatres and Interventional Services cluster.

In 2013 Critical Care department moved into a new state-of-the-art new facility in the Waikato Hospital’s Meade Clinical Centre (public access currently from Level 4 Menzies Building). The new area is immediately adjacent to Emergency department, directly above the operating theatre and directly accessible to main hospital circulation routes.   It provides a healing and a supportive environment for patients and families, as well as ideal conditions for staff attending to patients.

The Critical Care team comprises intensivists (physicians specialising in intensive care), registrars, nurse managers and registered nurses, nurse educators, allied health team, health care assistants, technicians, research team, and clerical support.

Intensive Care Unit
The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a 16-bed facility that provides sophisticated care and life support to critically unwell or injured patient. It caters for patients undergoing cardiac surgery, paediatric (child) and general adult intensive care. It is the tertiary Intensive Care Unit in the Midland health region, so is serves a large area.  The department runs an inter-hospital critical care retrieval service that transports patients back to Waikato Hospital from other hospitals in the Midland health region.
The ICU team is an integral component of the cardiac arrest and trauma teams at Waikato Hospital.

High Dependency Unit
The High Dependency Unit (HDU) is a 12-bed unit that provides special expertise for adult patients requiring intensive monitoring and treatment following surgery, trauma and medical or surgical conditions. It works closely with Intensive Care Unit.

Patient Safety Service
Six clinical resource nurses form a Patient At Risk team provide a critical care outreach service for patients transferred from critical care to the general hospital wards. They cover after hours and weekends, and work closely with after-hours medical teams. They respond to all clinical emergencies and are available for ward staff requiring clinical support and guidance in managing a complex or deteriorating patients.


Waikato Hospital

  • High Dependency Unit, Level 4, Meade Clinical Centre (public access via Level 4 Menzies Building)
  • Intensive Care Unit, Level 4, Meade Clinical Centre (public access via Level 4 Menzies Building)

Contact information

For all hospital departments and services (07) 839 8899

For Critical Care department secretary  (07) 839 8899 x 98164