Cardiac Inherited Disease

Cardiac Inherited Diseases can affect people of any age and can be life threatening. For many families, the first sign there’s a problem is when someone dies suddenly with no obvious cause or explanation.  

There is a Cardiac Inherited Disease Service at Waikato that covers the whole of the Midland Region; this service is in conjunction with the Cardiac Inherited Disease Group (CIDG).  

CIDG is a New Zealand National multidisciplinary group made up of specialist cardiologists, molecular and clinical geneticists, pathologists, nurses and genetic counsellors and associated professional staff whose main aim is to prevent sudden cardiac death due to inherited heart conditions in the young.

CIDG aims to facilitate screening of at risk individuals and families, and to provide education to individuals, families and health professionals about cardiac inherited disease and risk of sudden death, and to develop national best practice guidelines to enhance professional practice in this field.


Mandy Graham is the Cardiac Inherited Disease Nurse Coordinator who facilitates patients and families affected by Cardiac Inherited Disease, Sudden Cardiac Death in Young People and Unexplained Resuscitated Sudden Death.  Mandy works alongside all cardiologists in the Midland Region, specifically Dr Martin Stiles, clinical lead of Cardiac Inherited Diseases in Waikato Hospital. 

Services provided include
  • Organise family screening for a known cardiac inherited disease
    • When a patient is diagnosed with a inherited cardiac disease, the CIDG Coordinator will make contact with the patient to draw up a detailed family tree then organise for appropriate clinical testing for at risk family members.

  • Investigation of Sudden unexplained death in young people
    • All sudden unexplained deaths in young people are referred to CIDG from the coronial service either due to a negative autopsy or a finding of a previously undiagnosed cardiac inherited disease. The Cardiac Inherited Disease Group coordinator would engage with the family of the deceased and offer counselling and support. They would then investigate the circumstances of the sudden death and together with any past medical notes would organise clinical investigations for the living relatives. Molecular autopsy on the deceased is then performed in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice.

  • CIDG Registry Management
    • The goal of the Cardiac Inherited Disease Registry New Zealand is to register patient’s informed consent, all individuals and families affected by cardiac inherited disease in New Zealand. We firmly believe that patients and families are managed better on registries as this is an area where we can keep the whole families clinical and genetic information together, regardless of demographics.

  • Genetic Testing
    • Some patients diagnosed with an inherited cardiac condition will have genetic testing and this can be organised in our Cardiac Inherited Disease Clinics.


The service is based on the Waiora Waikato Hospital Campus and Clinics are held in the Meade Clinical Centre. Although the Cardiac Inherited Disease Coordinator covers the whole of the midland region and can organise local clinic’s for patients in the region.

Contact information

 Waikato Hospital Operator: (07) 839 8899 for all services and departments

Referral information

Referrals from medical staff are made in writing to Dr Martin Stiles or Mandy Graham.  

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