Academic Department of Anaesthesia


Prof Jamie Sleigh

The Academic Department of Anaesthesia of the Waikato Clinical School has a strong research foundation as well as a significant role in the education of medical students at Waikato Hospital.

The Waikato Clinical School is an academic division of the University of Auckland's Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. It is located at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand and is affiliated with the Waikato District Health Board. 


Over a 10 year period the unit has published more than 99 papers in peer review literature, 8 book chapters, 5 editorials, 68 presentations (45) invited at national and international scientific meetings, and been principal investigators on more than $2.8 million worth of grant funding – including 3 Royal Society of NZ Marsden grants.

We have supervised (or are supervising) 14 summer students, 8 PhD/MDs and 8 MScs (often from specialities outside anaesthesia).

The team

  • Professor Jamie Sleigh
  • Dr Logan Voss (Research Scientist),
  • Drs Hugh Douglas and John Barnard (Consultant Anaesthetists)

At present Dr Corinne Law is undertaking an MD thesis programme; looking at various ways of using intra-operative EEG patterns to predict and prevent, post-operative pain.

We are also investigating the impact of various genetic polymorphisms on postoperative analgesia.

Research focus


Dr Logan Voss

Anaesthesia is a speciality that is uniquely placed to be pivotal in the burgeoning science that seeks to understand the neurobiological mechanisms that underlie consciousness.
Research in the department has therefore mainly been focussed on the measurement of depth of anaesthesia using the EEG, and related investigations into the mechanisms and neurobiology of general anaesthesia.
In an ongoing close collaboration with the Departments of Engineering and Molecular Biology at the University of Waikato we have established the Waikato Cortical Modelling Group – thus linking both theoretical and laboratory-based research to the primary clinical observations.
We are, at present, involved in modelling the effects of the alterations in function of neuronal gap junctions on anaesthesia and seizures. 

Research opportunities

We are able to offer research opportunities in both clinical anaesthesia and the associated laboratory-based neuroscience and theoretical modelling. In particular we are looking for clinicians and scientists who want to complete a research degree (MD or PhD) aligned to depth-of-anaesthesia, seizures, or pain medicine.


James Wallace Sleigh
Professor of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
Waikato Clinical School
Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland

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Waikato Hospital
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