Ear nurses

Ear nurses provide treatment services to children in the school and preschool age groups within the Waikato DHB area.

The ear nurses work with the vision and hearing screening programmes in schools and preschools on a planned annual schedule.

The free children's ear service is provided through local clinics or the DHB’s mobile service.

Ideally a parent/guardian will accompany a child to the ear nurse clinic as signed parent consent is required before an ear nurse is able to start treatment.


The ear nurse can help if you have any concerns about a child’s ear health such as:

  • discharge/pain inside the ear
  • middle ear issues - previous or suspected
  • hearing loss –previous or suspected
  • wax impaction/wax removal
  • foreign bodies
  • grommet assessment
  • hearing aid wearer – wax removal
  • hearing assessment – due to poor speech development
  • follow up from hospital procedures e.g. grommets.

Contact information

8am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays)

All schools have copies of the ear nurses visiting schedules.

  • Hamilton (07) 838 3565
  • Taumarunui (07) 896 0020
  • Te Kuiti (07) 878 7333
  • Thames (07) 868 0044
  • Tokoroa (07) 886 7239

Referral information

Children are referred to ear nurses from the Hearing & Vision Screening Service, public health nurses, general practitioners and specialist consultants.