Occupational therapy


The aim of occupational therapy is to assess and treat people who, because of illness, injury or circumstance, are limited in their ability to undertake the activities of everyday life.



Occupational therapists offer expert assessment, advice and education for:

  • equipment, short term or long term
  • housing modifications
  • lifestyle adjustments.

Occupational therapists are specialised registered health professionals who work in multi-disciplinary and occupational therapy teams in hospital and community based settings for a wide range of Waikato District Health Board services.


Key personnel

Debbie Gibson
Manager OT Rural and Community

Diane Mechan
Occupational Therapy Clinical Leader
(Mental Health & Addictions)

Veronica Eichman
Manager OT Acute/Hands and Burns

Róisín McNamee
Occupational Therapy Clinical Leader
(Mental Health & Addictions)


Occupational therapists work with services including Waikato Hospital, Mental Health and Addictions (inpatient and community bases), Rural and Community (at district hospitals and community bases), Waikids (child and youth health services) and with the Older Persons and Rehabilitation inpatient services and START teams.

Contact information

Waikato Hospital Operator: (07) 839 8899 for all services and departments.
Clinics and appointments – use the contact details on your letter or appointment card.

Referral information

  • All referrals must come through the Community Regional Referral Centre fax: 07 858 1071
  • Unless previously arranged with the occupational therapist, no self-referrals are accepted.
  • There must be physical impairment that is impacting upon everyday function.