Timeline mural

Background to the Timeline, level 2, Meade Clinical Centre

When Dr Peter Rothwell saw the historical timeline at Wellington Hospital several years ago, he knew the same thing would work at Waikato Hospital in the newly-completed $130 million Meade Clinical Centre.

He approached Anderson Design and the Waikato Health Memorabilia Trust to develop a similar project in Hamilton.

The Waikato Health Memorabilia Trust, founded in 2005, aims to display documents, photographs and objects of historical interest, and to foster recording of the Waikato Hospital’s history.

The timeline consists of:

  • 60 metres of history
  • 226 historical images
  • Covering 130 years
  • A display case containing important historical objects.

It consists of text and images and depicts how health services changed over the last 130 years.

From surgery by candle light and no anaesthetic, to what we have today. Individual quotes are included, and important outside events flagged.

Georgina Wedge and Ian Anderson, from Wellington company Anderson Design Limited worked closely with Dr Rothwell to research and collate all the available historical information to develop this unique timeline of the history of hospital care on the Waiora Waikato hospital campus.

Isla Trapski, professional photographer and illustrator, was commissioned to collect, collate and upgrade images from the Waikato DHB collection and the Hamilton City Libraries Heritage collection.


Co-funded by:        

Anderson Design

Established in 1982, Anderson Design Limited has over 30 years experience in designing and constructing everything from products to exhibitions to trophies.

Based in Wellington, Anderson Design specialises in the bespoke design and manufacture of 3D products, using a wide range of manufacturing processes.
The talented production team has the experience and expertise to see projects through successfully. From research and writing, through to creating, working building in the physical third dimension. They work in all types of materials ensuring clients are offered exceptional service.

They have been involved in the design and development of exhibitions seen by thousands of people both in New Zealand and overseas.
As solution providers – they thrive on solving tricky concepts using our knowledge and expertise and have a long history of successful projects and highly satisfied clients.

Station Creative

With 13 years experience in the display and exhibition field, Adam formed Adam Simpson Projects in 1999 to focus on graphic design for all areas of communication, bespoke design & build projects and photographic direction. 14 years on, and with a name change, Station's clients include the country's largest company – Fonterra, three Universities, two lending institutions, research companies, many government departments and more than a few SMEs. Fortunate enough to collaborate with Ian and his team at Anderson Design since the early 90s, they have formed a valuable partnership that has completed communication projects throughout the country.


Peter Rothwell and the Waikato Health Memorabilia Trust gratefully acknowledge all who were part of producing this project. 


From Cottage to Regional Base Hospital – R.E. Wright-St. Clair
Under One Roof – A History of Waikato Hospital – John Armstrong
Astride the River - P.J.Gibbons
Armed Settlers - H,C.M. Norris
The Village on the Hill – editor, Mary Anne Gill
and other key references
Waikato D.H.B photographic collection.
Hamilton City Library Heritage photographic collection