About the institute


The Institute of Healthy Ageing was launched on 7 November 2013 by Prof Sir Peter Gluckman, science advisor to the Prime Minister.


  • Translational and applied research.
  • Assisting the DHB, primary care and NGO sectors to develop and implement services that meet the needs of people at all ages, including older people and rehabilitation services.
  • Engaging people with increasing needs as they age and their families/whanau in developing support programmes.
  • Providing a conduit for academic and clinical leadership in relevant research and scholarship, teaching and learning and innovation.
  • Using research to grow competent service professionals
  • Providing educational resources for people ageing with increasing comorbidities and possibly disabilities, and those involved in their care.
  • Taking a collaborative approach toward research and consultancy.
  • Encouraging coordination between primary and secondary care, community and residential services.
  • Providing a mechanism by which productive links can be fostered between clinicians and academics in regard to clinical care, research, policy and education.
  • Supporting the development of research skills for DHB staff and the UoA.
  • Providing leadership in the critical examination of current trends and evidence-based practice in rehabilitation and older person care, and the implications for research, education and practice for both DHBs and the University. 


Key deliverables are:

  • Establishment of a research programme to support healthy ageing that is supported by Waikato DHB and other key health and research organisations locally and regionally.
  • Support for the implementation and evaluation of evidence based clinical practice.
  • Dissemination of research findings and information through the sponsoring of and presentations at seminars and conferences, research journal publications, engagement with local media, etc.
  • A single conduit for Midlands DHBs to access research expertise and an evidence base for health care services.
  • Development of a culture of innovation within Older Persons and Rehabilitation.
  • The integration of research findings within the teaching environment for a wide range of staff.
  • Collaboration with local Universities, Polytechnics and other regional centres.


The institute is a collaboration between Waikato DHB, The University of Auckland and the University of Waikato.  The intention is that other academic and research organisations, and other DHBs, will become collaborators at both Governance and Research Programme levels over time.

The institute is based in the Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building of Waikato DHB. Staff will range from fully employed DHB personnel wishing to undertake research or clinical projects to fully employed University staff (e.g. from The Universities of Auckland and Waikato). Some may have joint appointments, e.g. between Waikato DHB and The University of Auckland.

The institute exists to facilitate the sharing of research and clinical expertise, and the development of research initiatives. Contracts won by staff within the institute will continue to be managed by the organisations that employ the staff member.


Sir Peter Gluckman, chief science advisor to the New Zealand Prime Minister. He officially launched the IHA in October last year. See profile

Governance Group

The Governance Group is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the IHA, thereby ensuring that it is delivering or moving towards delivering on the aims and key deliverables that are the purpose of the IHA through undertaking the necessary activities, developing strong connections with and between key people and organisations that are concerned about healthy aging, and developing a strong financial base to support its activities.

The core membership of the Governance Group is a mix of people who are acknowledged as influencers in their community, provide clinical experience and/or provide research experience, with representation from the DHB(s), the Universities, the community, home care support services and aged residential care. The Governance Group may also seek representation from sectors such as primary care and influential people in the local community.

In the first instance, the Chair of the IHA Governance Group will be the Group Manager, Older Persons and Rehabilitation Service, Waikato DHB.

Governance Group membership

(as at June 2016)

Chair/ DHB representative  
Barbara Garbutt

The University of Auckland
Professor Matthew Parsons

The University of Waikato
Associate Professor Nicola Starkey

Pippa Mahood
Professor Peggy Koopman-Boyden                 

Waikato DHB Director of Nursing
Sue Hayward

Waikato DHB Allied Health
Lindsay Pooley

Profiles of governance group members

Management team

There are two co-directors, one from Waikato DHB  and one from the School of Nursing, Auckland University ().
They are non-voting members of the core Governance Group. 

Co-director from Waikato DHB
Currently Dr Phil Wood, Geriatrician

Co-director from School of Nursing, Auckland University
Currently Dr Stephen Jacobs

Profiles of management members - coming soon

Contact information

Institute of Healthy Ageing
Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building
Waiora Waikato Hospital Campus
Pembroke Street, Hamilton, New Zealand
Ph: 07 839 8899
Email: institute@waikatodhb.health.nz