Standing Trial Population

The Standing Trial Population is an initiative to streamline early-stage validation studies for innovative technologies. It aims to match the needs of user trials with suitable participants, by having a pre-recruited pool of people interested in being involved. This will help accelerate the design and assessment of technologies, and allows for the involvement of end user groups in the evaluation of technologies at various development stages from concept to prototype to product.

This Standing Trial Population centre is set up in collaboration with Callaghan Innovation and sits within the Institute of Healthy Ageing (IHA) at Waikato District Health Board. Committed to the evaluation of non-invasive technologies, the purpose of this centre is to integrate the hospital and the community with a focus on health for the older, or rehabilitative persons.

Getting involved

Process Flow

The evaluation of technologies will occur in three phases. Initially, the new technology will undergo pre-screening, in which eligibility and safety are assessed. This phase also consists of collaboration with the Company or Researcher to ascertain the appropriate aims and objectives.

Following on from the Pre-screening phase is the Set-up phase. This consists of the development of an Evaluation Plan, as well as application to appropriate Ethics Committees for the access to the population. After approval from Ethics, the trials can commence, from which the data attained will be analysed and compiled into a report with recommendations.


The costing of your study is dependent on the resources required and duration of the study. Participant reimbursement will also be agreed upon as part of this process.


In order to ensure any liabilities in undertaking a technology validation study are covered, it is a requirement for any firms or researchers accessing the Standing Trial Population to have indemnity insurance. This can be obtained directly from insurance providers as it is an independent process to the Standing Trial Population.

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